Energy - Economy - Environment

EModelling (E3M) is a knowledge-based company created as spin-off of modelling and economic research performed over many years in E3MLab (www.e3mlab.eu).

E3-Modelling specialises in the development and use of large-scale applied models and carries out impact assessment studies focusing in the fields of economy, energy and the environment. The company provides consultancy services based on the use of complex large-scale applied mathematical models and inherits the curriculum of E3MLab, the modelling experience and the personnel. E3Modelling has already significant references with projects using major large-scale models such as PRIMES, PRIMES-TREMOVE, GEM-E3 and Prometheus.

EModelling employs post-graduate scientists with multi-disciplinary expertise and knowledge in the fields of energy, environmental and growth economics. It has extensive experience on the impact assessment of GHG mitigation policies, the evaluation of energy policies, markets and technologies, the assessment of energy markets and on forecasting economic and sectoral growth at national and global levels. 

EModelling develops
several sector and region specific models that represent in great detail the interplay between the economy, energy, transport, environment and technologies. The quantitative modelling tools handled by E3Modelling, namely the computable general equilibrium GEM-E3 model, the European energy system model PRIMES, the PRIMES-TREMOVE Transport model and the global stochastic energy model PROMETHEUS are widely used in numerous studies and consulting activities. Large scale modelling for the electricity and gas sectors are also among the modelling tools of EModelling. Specific models are also available for energy efficiency in buildings, industrial sector and the renewables.

EModelling maintains large databases and provides services based on qualitative and quantitative scenario projections for the economic, transport, energy and environment systems, as well as markets, for 36 countries in Europe, G-20, MENA countries, Russia Federation and the emerging economies globally.